How can I do Neon and stick with my vintage style? eBay to the rescue, again. (Part 1- Swimwear)

I love the neon trend.  And, basically, anything obnoxious.  Tired of sifting through all the crap on eBay?  Hoo chile- you know Mama gone and did that for you.

Looking for a vintage bathing suit?

-I just about cartwheeled for joy when I saw this pricey gem.  It’s yours for $85.  Up there, yes… but no more than you’d pay for a nice one at the :::grimace::: mall.

Take a closer look (hint: check out the side view!) and click below.

Vintage 60’s 70’s Neon Mod Zip Bathing suit Playsuit | eBay.

-I love that this is vintage, and still on two other trends.  The monokini just won’t go away… and I’m not sure I want it to when you can find one-of-a-kind pieces like this one.  $49.99, which isn’t bad for this style (usually running $60-120.)

Grab it!!

-When I’m nostalgic for the early 90s, nothing does the trick like neon.  This bathing suit plus a little Rave hairspray, and I am golden.

Yes, please.  Ray bans and oxfords ready.


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