Oxfords. Can’t get enough.



This trend has been going on for awhile, but up until now I’ve been able to resist.  Luckily for me, my eBay obsession has brought my attention to some really cheap, and often vintage versions of the classic shoe.


I always love the look of nude shoes.  And the woven detail?  Love me some granny.

These are only $10 (+ $5 shipping.)  Snag them at the link below:

VTG nude beige leather woven oxford lace up granny 6.5 – eBay item 120735963781 end time Jun-14-11 14:11:56 PDT.


Remember your first dance shoe?  This makes me nostalgic for jazz and ballet- a PINK jazz oxford?!  If I don’t get my feet in these, that split pinky toenail was NOT worth it.


Go ahead, I ain’t mad atcha.  At only $24 with free shipping, I just might…


These may just be my favorite.  Perfect vintage brown- and that woven detail I’m crazy about.  But they ARE Jordache, so you must feather your hair and picture your life through a soft lens to REALLY wear them to their full potential.


You thinking what I’m thinking?  Get these for under $20, including shipping!



What I’m desperately seeking is a metallic pair… or better yet, jewel-tone.  Let the search begin.


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