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Oxfords. Can’t get enough.



This trend has been going on for awhile, but up until now I’ve been able to resist.  Luckily for me, my eBay obsession has brought my attention to some really cheap, and often vintage versions of the classic shoe.


I always love the look of nude shoes.  And the woven detail?  Love me some granny.

These are only $10 (+ $5 shipping.)  Snag them at the link below:

VTG nude beige leather woven oxford lace up granny 6.5 – eBay item 120735963781 end time Jun-14-11 14:11:56 PDT.


Remember your first dance shoe?  This makes me nostalgic for jazz and ballet- a PINK jazz oxford?!  If I don’t get my feet in these, that split pinky toenail was NOT worth it.


Go ahead, I ain’t mad atcha.  At only $24 with free shipping, I just might…

These may just be my favorite.  Perfect vintage brown- and that woven detail I’m crazy about.  But they ARE Jordache, so you must feather your hair and picture your life through a soft lens to REALLY wear them to their full potential.


You thinking what I’m thinking?  Get these for under $20, including shipping!


What I’m desperately seeking is a metallic pair… or better yet, jewel-tone.  Let the search begin.


Y’all ready for this?

I don’t know about any other generations, but the 80s kids watched Rainbow Brite.  I don’t know about other locations, but the SF Bay Area loves it’s drag queens.  When I saw this Jeffrey Campbell wedge on, my eyes welled up with tears.  The 70s are back and they are gay astronauts.  I must have these shoes.

Ya feel me?  Click below.

Spectacular Spectrum Wedge | Mod Retro Vintage Wedges |

How can I do Neon and stick with my vintage style? eBay to the rescue, again. (Part 1- Swimwear)

I love the neon trend.  And, basically, anything obnoxious.  Tired of sifting through all the crap on eBay?  Hoo chile- you know Mama gone and did that for you.

Looking for a vintage bathing suit?

-I just about cartwheeled for joy when I saw this pricey gem.  It’s yours for $85.  Up there, yes… but no more than you’d pay for a nice one at the :::grimace::: mall.

Take a closer look (hint: check out the side view!) and click below.

Vintage 60’s 70’s Neon Mod Zip Bathing suit Playsuit | eBay.

-I love that this is vintage, and still on two other trends.  The monokini just won’t go away… and I’m not sure I want it to when you can find one-of-a-kind pieces like this one.  $49.99, which isn’t bad for this style (usually running $60-120.)

Grab it!!

-When I’m nostalgic for the early 90s, nothing does the trick like neon.  This bathing suit plus a little Rave hairspray, and I am golden.

Yes, please.  Ray bans and oxfords ready.

Stern Grove Lineup Announced!! Check it out on

I know where I’m going to be June 19th, and most of the weeks following.  Will I see anyone there?

Stern Grove Lineup Announced | Pulse Blog | San Francisco Music and Clubs | SF Station.

Fabulous Vintage eBay Find of the Day!

They are animal print.  They are beaded.  They are ridiculous.

$38 plus $6 shipping will get you these bad girls- and if you’re lucky enough to be a 7.5, you should go for it!  Or just click on the link below and daydream of wearing them with a power suit for that 1991-themed party you have coming up…


Jil Sander is rocking my hot pink world.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be dreaming naughty dreams about Jil Sander tonight.  Oh…  if only I had the 404 Euros…

Interested, Big Spender?  Be my guest.

Jil Sander Tropico Wedge from Mrs H.

Fantastic Vintage eBay find of the Day!

This one is a bit more pricey than the usual pieces I get from this magical vintage paradise.  Or… auction website.  Whatever.  This is going for a hefty $219, but it’s beautiful.  If you have the extra money, then have at it!  This is both a one-of-a-kind vintage piece AND totally on trend right now…  you know, if you care about that sort of thing.

A sheer maxi skirt over a mini skirt is something I’ve been dying to try for some time.  If you DO end up buying this fabulous piece, e-mail me your picture and I’ll feature it on my site!

WANT THIS?!  Or at least want to check the piece and it’s eBay seller out?



Great eBay find! $66! 5 hours!

Yea, a pretty dope eBay find.  Got $66?  Snatch this one-of-a-kind vintage piece up.  You have 5 hours.  Go.  (click the link below.)

Navajo Print Cardigan

VtG 70s NAVAJO Print Rainbow Cardigan Sweater Jacket – eBay (item 190525534031 end time May-01-11 18:16:15 PDT).

YouTube – CSS – Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above

CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy) is one of my favorite bands.  A good friend of mine, and the leading creative force in my band (, Miss Jacqui Elliot, introduced this bad ass band to me just days before I was lucky enough to see them rock out at Coachella earlier this month.

They’re from Brazil.  They rock hard.  They like Death from Above 1979.  Their style is fucking fierce.  What’s not to obsess over?

They’ve been doin’ it up for so long, if you’ve been in the dark like I was, open your ears NOW.  How have you been living without them?

There…  now didn’t that feel nice?  Now go listen to Death from Above!

Black and Brown’s DOLLAR SALE

Live anywhere near San Jose, California?

Like fabulous, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces?

Want to support local artists while you shop?

You want to go to this:

Black and Brown’s DOLLAR SALE.

For those of you who have never been to this vintage and recycled clothing store, RUN with credit card in hand to 850 the Alameda, 95126… right across from my favorite breakfast burrito joint.  :::mmmm, orange sauce:::

Better and more refined selection than Crossroads (not to mention WAY nicer and integral staff), and better prices than Moon Zooom, this is the place to add to your list of San Jose shopping staples, if you haven’t already.

Not enticing enough?  Well, head over this Saturday (April 30th) and tack on food, drinks, and live music to the list of goodies.  Oh… did I mention a chronically SICK sale making items $1 and $5??

Get.  Thurr.

…and, you’re welcome.