Be the Buyer | Virtual Fashion Buying |

Be the Buyer | Virtual Fashion Buying |

I used to be a huge fan of  They have really been disappointing me in the last year.  Sure, they still have the occasional hip or retro gem.  Sure, they have a nice arsenal of mile-high rock star shoes.  But, and trust me on this, you have to shuffle through a lot of cheap-looking, 1999 clearance bin CRAP to get to the good stuff.  And the kicker?  Their “Be the Buyer” program.

Just over a year old, the “Be the Buyer” program allows ModCloth enthusiasts to “pick it” or “skip it” on a plethora of pieces.  It’s a fabulous idea, but their execution is horrific.  The site is easy to use, and it’s simple as beans to leave an honest (sometimes TOO honest, 3honest, if you will) comment about the pieces… but UGH.  Please, take a look with me at their most recent selection.  Here are a few hideous standouts…  and please feel free to hit up the site yourself and, for heaven’s sake, ask them what low-quality/tacky grass they’ve been smoking.

THIS little gem.  Roxy reject from 1998?  Too cheap for Delia's?<—-EEEP!

This green mess would make Cee Lo want to change his last name.<—:::holds back vomit:::

Ouch.<— Just hurts to look at, doesn’t it?

Muppets reject?<— Should be a fashion joke, but I’m not laughing., you are no longer subversive and interesting…  you are tacky and tired.  Come back!  Your roots are in the colorful, hip, and bohemian Bay Area- get it together!  If you need buyers, then GET buyers.  Letting your customers pick is fine, but give them something to pick from!  Your site has become an embarrassment for anyone without hours to sift through that mess of a site that NO amount of marijuana could make me enjoy.  I hardly remember the time you were a go-to shopping site for me.  Someone with soul needs to hook you up to a fashion defibrillator before you die a sad, cheaply made death.


The time has come.

I have been running my mouth on various sites for awhile now.  Time to funnel all that shit-talking to one place.  Posting looks I like, posting looks I don’t like.  Ain’t afraid to tell you why.  Ain’t afraid to use poor grammar and triple-snap like a drag queen.  Nobody’s safe, but everybody’s welcome.

I like you and your love of fashion… but expect posts about beauty, music, and Bay Area local events, too.  The occasional travel post.  Consider it not only a fashion blog, but a lifestyle blog as well.  I hope you like 3Much fashion and what it has to offer you.  Sign up for our emails, spread the word, and go make yourself a sandwich.  You did good work, kid.